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    We are a group of writers and educators who value the contributions Mexican Americans have made to this country. Our goal is to introduce Americans to the cultural and artistic contributions of the Mexican American community in the United States.

  • Mexican American literature lesson guides

    CentroVictoria educators have been traveling around the state giving workshops to teachers on how to incorporate Mexican American literature into the high school classroom using the “Made in Texas” lesson guides developed by CentroVictoria.

    These teacher guides offer 30 lesson plans--up to six weeks of material--of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir, and even lyrics for students to read and study who Mexican Americans are--their culture and traditions and history in Texas--through material their literary descendants and contemporaries have written.

    Schedule a workshop today.

  • Mexican American Book Review

    For the March/April American Book Review issue, CentroVictoria's executive director, Dagoberto Gilb, is its focus editor, and he devotes the magazine's full attention to the always ignored Mexican American contribution to letters. Read More

  • CentroVictoria
    in the news

    CentroVictoria has been written about in The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, and Victoria Advocate. It has also been featured on NPR in El Paso.

CentroVictoria Opening Celebration Event

Centro Victoria will host a week-long pachanga in April to kick off the opening of the cultural and arts center on the University of Houston-Victoria campus. Television and film director Jesús Salvador Treviño, award-winning screenwriter Josefina Lopez, singer-songwriter Davíd Garza, and Chicano writer and legend, Rolando Hinojosa, will be in Victoria to help celebrate CentroVictoria’s introduction to the community.

CentroVictoria Cultural Celebration

Tuesday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 20--Noon lecture at UHV
Alcorn Auditorium by Jesús
Salvador Treviño. Wednesday evening screening of Jesús Treviño's “Resurrection Boulevard” with Q&A afterward (www.chuytrevino.com).

Thursday, April 21—Noon ABR reading series lecture with Rolando Hinojosa.

Thursday, April 21—Evening celebration with Treviño, Lopez, Hinojosa, and featuring the famed guitar of Davíd Garza (www.davidgarza.com).

Friday, April 22—Evening screening of Josefina Lopez’s “Real Women Have Curves” with a Q&A afterwards (josefinalopez.com).